Joe Kalmick -Seal Beach City Council - District 1

Joe on the Issues

Find out where Joe stands on the important issues affecting Seal Beach.

joe on the issues

As a 45 year resident of Seal Beach, I have seen lots of change over the years. But the one thing that never changes is our community’s desire to maintain our small town atmosphere and values.  Being small brings its own set of challenges that we must be willing to tackle and balance.  This seems to be harder and harder to do every year, but I believe by working together, and having better transparency in our city government, we can achieve these things. 

Below are the four main priorities I am focused on. I know there are many sub-sets of these issues, and I look forward to meeting you and learning what you feel is important to you and how we can work together to solve them. 


Achieve a strong and transparent consensus between our Council, staff and citizens, especially in solving our city's financial problems and the consequences of proposed solutions. Work to insure that as a Councilperson, I have 100% of the information available before voting or making final decisions that can have long term effects.


Improve the infrastructure and appearance of our town overall with a focus on Main Street and the pier.  Find ways to help our local businesses thrive and serve our residents and visitors. 

Fiscal Responsibility

Provide leadership to restore important public services for Old Town and Surfside through better planning and budgeting.  Work to restore long-term solvency and rebuild badly depleted reserves for our city.

Public Safety

Move quickly to hire additional needed police officers based on the results of the Police Services Study, returning to a police force level that will insure the safety of our citizens and visiting public.