Joe Kalmick -Seal Beach City Council - District 1

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About Joe Kalmick

Joe and his wife Adrienne have lived in Old Town for 45 years, and raised their two children here. They ran one of the most loved businesses on Main Street for over 40 years. 

Joe was actively involved for many years as a  Volunteer Firefighter for Seal Beach and served as a Senior Officer with the Orange County Fire Authority for 30 years. These years of experience were invaluable when he recently served on the Seal Beach citizen committee to study the current fire contract issues and possible alternatives.

For years Joe has observed the challenges our community has faced. He believes the most important issues that have affected all of us are fiscal responsibility, transparency and safety, while maintaining our unique small town atmosphere and values which we are determined not to change.

Joe was endorsed for the January 29th Run-Off election by both Scott Levitt and John Waller who ran against him in November.

Scott Levitt wrote the following:
”I am proud to endorse Joe Kalmick for City Council. He is running because he loves this town and has 45 years of history here, and is a former volunteer fire fighter here, former business owner, owns a home here, and raised his family here. He is the best person for this job, running out of love for our town, not out of political ambition. The vote, on 1/29/19, is by mail only. Please make the effort to vote for him! “

John Waller wrote this:
”I hope that you will support and vote for Joe Kalmick, as I am doing. When I was asked for my endorsement, it was one of the easiest decisions I've made. The question in my mind was: vote for somebody who has been here 40+ years (Joe) or somebody who has no ties to this community and has been here no more than a year. While he and I may have differing views on issues, the choice for you should be a simple one. While there is no politics like small-town politics, it doesn't have to be ugly. Rumors are an unnecessary part of this election.”

He looks forward to meeting you and learning what you feel is important to you. If you would like to contact Joe please email him at:  or call 562-397-4124.